Who’s Mr. Angus Beef?

Mr. Angus Beef was born when one of his younger students call him that for fun, and wanted to eat him. Then Angus played along and asked the student which part he would like to eat, and that name sort of stuck around since.

Before that, Angus went by different names. He was born with King Chee as his first name (his family name is Chan). Well, you can imagine what that sounds like. When he was sent to the UK for boarding school from age 9-12, he went by Jonathan, David, and Michael until he stuck with Angus (a very Scottish name for a Cantonese man). He almost switched to Andrew after a teacher told him in middle school that he had a dog named Angus.

In short, Angus was born in Hong Kong, sent to the UK, and raised in Vancouver. Angus is an Educator, Pastor, and Missionary who has worked and taught in high schools, colleges, universities, community centres, and churches around the City of Vancouver.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Education in Educational Psychology from Simon Fraser University. He is also working his second Masters Degree in Divinity at Trinity Western University.

His background in adult education includes:
– Teaching Assistant at SFU
– Language Instructor at a Test Preparation Centre
– Graduate Tutor for SFU’s Indigenous Students
– Parent Workshop Facilitator
– Multi-Generational Facilitator
– Campus Coordinator and Student Mentor

Angus is married with his wife Dionne who works at WorkBC as a Case Manager with an extensive background in Human Resources and Career Counselling. Angus and Dionne are expecting their first child in May 2016.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Very interesting view, My name is Daryl, I have never taught anything even a dog to sit, never the less, its my pleasure to make your acquaintance. I do hope to take in knowledge from all my classmates. please feel free to read about myself in my blog.


  2. angusc1983 says:

    Thanks Daryl. Nice to meet you as well. Let me read your blog posts too. =) Looking forward to see more of your thoughts and experience from a mechanical perspective.


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