How Mentoring Helped Me through 11 Years of SFU

When I started my post-secondary education at SFU in Fall 2001. I had no idea that I would be spending 11 years there, with 3 degree attempts: 130 undergraduate credits, 35 graduate credits. 4 C-s, 2 Ds, 3 Fs, and 1 N (for skipping my final exam), with a CPGA of 1.914 when I flunked out of SFU Business big time in Summer 2003!

I also had no idea that I would get the help and mentoring I needed to get readmitted into SFU, finish my undergrad, become a graduate student, and finish my masters. By the time I finished, my transcript was 7 pages long. Without the mentors who helped me, I would not even be here.

Follow me on my ongoing academic journey, as we explore the reasons and significance of following good mentors in your studies, and your life.

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